We enjoy treating our guests


Dining Philosophy

A wealth of fresh and organically grown ingredients and a devotion to Greek Cuisine define the dining Experience in Magic Balcony. We only cook for our Guests, and this is on a on­demand basis. We do offer a menu every day, using vegetables and fruits that are on­season But, we also go out of our way to create traditional Greek foods for you. We use the finest olive oil for cooking and we bake our own bread. and are grown at our Gardens. We organize Tasting events and Barbeque Nights upon demand. During the day, we offer a lighter menu for our guests.

Drinking Philosophy

We enjoy treating our guests with biological red wine, that we produce from our vineyards, We also produce our own ouzo and grapple, using the same varieties of grapes. using Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Russian Grape and local varieties. Additionally, we maintain a small list of the most valued Greek wines We do maintain a cocktail list with interesting choices for males and females, a combination of mint, liquor from Mastic and cayenne pepper. Sip a cocktail from our bar watching the sunset and see that life is good. that come from different regions of Greece. most famous being the 'Magic Balcony'.

With only a handful of suites and rooms, service at Magic Balcony Suite Apartments is intimate, personalized but also discrete.

TripAdvisor Reviews

  • The name says it all!
    The place just took my breath away! The nature is amazing, and the sea view.... wow!!Stairs that go all the way to the water, a platform from witch you can swim, the sea was perfect!
  • A combination that is hard to beat
    Magic Balcony offers a unique combination of breathtaking location for parent to have wonderful breakfasts and dinners/drinks, proximity to a crystal clear water beach (ca 5 min drive), fantastic owners that are helpful in all possible ways, amazing food
  • A beautiful garden in paradise
    We had the greatest summer holiday yet. The rooms are beautiful and views breath taking, quiet and secluded.
  • Peaceful and beautify setting
    We were only here for a couple of nights but this was definitely the most relaxing accommodation we found.
  • Magic Vacations
    If you are looking for a peaceful, relaxing and cozy place to spend your vacation in the Eastern region of Pelion, this is definitely the right place to be.
  • True paradise
    The place was truly amazing. The location, the balcony, the charm of the interior and the hospitality cannot be matched.